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Friday Night Feature XI

Featured acts for a Friday night at Unruly Collective! Come to our Underground Studio with a warm and relax vibe to listen to local musical act from our community and beyond. This is a welcoming community with a bohemian flare, local art on the walls for sale with a great atmosphere. Come for music, view and purchase art, stay for a vibe. Come join us around beautiful Artwork from local and international artist, displayed in a three level home converted into a beautiful Art Gallery. All proceeds will go to artist performing and to Unruly Collective, that continues to build a local reputation of creating peace, community and real connections with artist. Performances by Ohene Cornelius This is the newest incantation of sound and vibes. I travel and make art. I like traveling to Asia, Cali and going to festivals The Royal Minks Feel good music. Illicit Ghost Illicit Ghost wants you to find freedom in her sound. You will usually find the leather-clad loner diffusing essential oils, writing music under her covers at 2AM or on the ground losing herself in a violin solo on stage. The artist, producer, singer, violinist and songwriter has released three songs to date, each with its own liberating message. “Drunk and Alone” is about finding happiness in being yourself; her cover of Pink Floyd’s “Money” is a reminder that material things should not define or control you. Her most recent single “Parties by Myself” is about doing your own thing and not caring what others think. Illicit Ghost looks forward to a prolific and active year in 2019, with more music and regular live performances in store Marcus Jade Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, Marcus Jade is a singer-songwriter, and guitar player who started self-learning his way around a guitar at 14 years old. By that time, he discovered he was drawn into and emerged in Indianapolis' eclectic music and art scene that found him at everything from house shows, underground and basement sets, to DIY venues. His appreciation of music allowed him to mesh with many outfits across genres, from Hip-Hop, to Punk, to Metal, to Zydeco, before settling into his own skin. This expression found him re-igniting his love and passion for blues music, writing and composing his own music. Currently living and jamming in Brooklyn, he has found a steady rhythm between offering his medicine at shows across the New York City metro area and producing more songs. As a solo act, Marcus extensively performs on the east coast, in cities like Boston, Philadelphia and DC. In March, Marcus finished a Red Gorilla showcase and played during SXSW, in Austin, Texas. He and his friends put together unique intimate showcases in Austin on a pay-what-you-wish basis on rooftops, poolsides, and in private homes. In June, Marcus Set out to live off-grid in the in central Vermont, living and working among artist apart of the The Sable Project. A regular Artery performer, Marcus organizes showcases ranging from Art bursts, Black Power Potluck Dinners to Robert Johnson discussion showcases. With over 180 Showcases under his belt from New york City, D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Austin, Denton, Denver, and counting. With several EPs already under his belt, Marcus Jade continues to captivate audience members near and far. We invite you, your friends, neighbors and co-workers to our space with love, peace, and good vibes. We provide an accessible, imaginative environment promoting growth and collaboration across the arts. Our brownstone is inviting & inspiring, allowing for the creation and consumption of art with no judgment or restrictions.

Earlier Event: February 23
Brooklyn Boulders First Artery
Later Event: June 19
Live The Wild Fern