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The Blues Revisited: Son House

Meet the Performers

Marcus Jade- Performer
Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, Marcus Jade is a singer-songwriter, and guitar player who started self-learning his way around a guitar at 14 years old. By that time, he discovered he was drawn into and emerged in Indianapolis' eclectic music and art scene that found him at everything from house shows, underground and basement sets, to DIY venues. His appreciation of music allowed him to mesh with many outfits across genres, from Hip-Hop, to Punk, to Metal, to Zydeco, before settling into his own skin. This expression found him re-igniting his love and passion for blues music, writing and composing his own music. Currently living and jamming in Brooklyn, he has found a steady rhythm between offering his medicine at shows across the New York City metro area and producing more songs. 

What to expect
Expect discussion and music. Blues all night long from performers. Lets listen and watch footage of Son house and play in his spirit. Relaxed vibe. BYOB and Refreshments provided if possible.

Why is this happening?
I love the blues and I want to truly share something that has inspired me. Son house is the reason I play the blues and he has inspired me. His legacy lives through his music and to celebrate him with fellow blues enthusiast would be truly a wonder experience for everyone