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We'll have an adventure through song and lyrics with four acts this eve, ranging from singer-songwriter, hip hop, instrumental and soulful blues.

Marcus Jade is a singer-songwriter, and guitar player who started self-learning his way around a guitar at 14 years old. His appreciation of music allowed him to mesh with many outfits across genres, from Hip-Hop, to Punk, to Metal, to Zydeco, before settling into his own skin. This expression found him re-igniting his love and passion for blues music.

Kailey Prior delights audience with a blend of Americana, Folk, and Pop centered around a love of wordplay, gentle yodeling, and the tugging of heartstrings.

Arch Ares is an alternative rapper/multimedia illustrator manipulating the boundaries of a social existence.

Caleb Garling has played blues/rock guitar for twenty years. After playing in bands most his life he's focusing more on solo singer-songwriter tunes and instrumentals.

Later Event: October 12
Marcus Jade: DC