Marcus Jade is a blues musician, songwriter, and poet. Born in Indiana, he cut his teeth on Nirvana records and began learning guitar at age 14. Around that time, he was also drawn into Indianapolis’s eclectic DIY art and music scene, frequenting house shows and underground venues. His appreciation of a wide variety of music allowed him to gather inspiration from many genres, such as Hip Hop, Metal and Punk, before settling into his own unique style of ragged, heart-wrenching blues-folk.

Since moving to New York City, he zeroed in on his love for blues music, and began writing and performing as a solo act. A tremendous presence in the Brooklyn DIY music scene, Jade acts as a frequent curator at Bushwick’s Unruly Collective. He has also performed at hundreds of Artery shows across the country, playing everywhere from SXSW in Austin to poolsides and apartments on a pay-what-you-wish basis, Black Power Potluck dinners to Robert Johnson Revisit showcases. In June 2018, he spent two months living off-the-grid at Vermont’s Sable Project artist retreat.

His music reflects this duality, mirroring his fluctuations between the woods and the city, between community and solitude. It’s alternately intimate and universal, communal and blisteringly solitary. It cuts to the heart of blues, staying true to its roots while seamlessly incorporating modern elements of folk and rock and roll.

Jade sings for the lonely and the lost, the furious and the eternal. His music is medicine for the wandering mind, redemption songs for our modern times, and his live shows are utterly transportive, almost mystical in their power and cleansing in their emotional reach.

Jade has released several EP’s, including Eat.Smoke.Drink.Blues.Repeat, available on all streaming services. He will be releasing his first LP in 2019.